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中英聖經大字版 和合本 新國際版 真皮金邊 CHINESE/ENGLISH(CUV.NIV)Bible (Premium Lea

中英聖經大字版 和合本 新國際版 真皮金邊 CHINESE/ENGLISH(CUV.NIV)Bible (Premium Lea
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Price  $98.00 
Model 011054
Manufacturer 漢語聖經協會Chinese Bible Intern
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product description:

中英對照-和合本.新國際版(真皮大字版)CHINESE/ENGLISH(CUV.NIV)Bible (Premium Leather Large Print)CBT1246


  • 這本真皮聖經,設計典雅,彌足珍貴,可伴隨一生。
  • 採用其中兩個最風行的中文及英文聖經譯本-和合本及新國際版 (NIV) .
  • 內文用較大字體印刷,讀來更輕鬆。
  • 中英對照,段落與段落並排,清晰易讀,便於研習。
  • 真皮燙金封面,優質歐洲聖經紙,雙色絲帶。
  • 尺寸:17 x 24 x 3.5厘米
    • This Premium Leather Bible with classic & elegant design will be your lifetime companion.
    • Contains two of the most popular Bible translations: Union Version in Chinese and New International Version in English
    • Large Print black letter text
    • Chinese-English diglot with clear layout
    • Premium Samba leather cover and high-quality European Bible paper
    • Size:17 x 24 x 3.5 c



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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 21 March, 2018.
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