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Shipping And Returns can ship to virtually any address in the world. First time orders will be sent out upon receipt of payment by either a check or credit card number. We take Visa, Discover or Mastercard. No American Express please.

Our shipping rates are based on US domestic trucking rates. All non-trucking rates such as priority mail, global priority mail, air mail, and international air mail will be adjusted manually and the customer will be informed.

If you need to receive the products by certain date, please indicate in the "comment" area, we will make sure and let you know the product to arrive at your address at the most reasonable h/s.

Shipping and handling is as follows:


Standard Service
1-2.5 weeks by media mail
Priority Service
2-4 business days
Price up to $20 $5.50 $6.50 can mail:
  • A hard cover Bible & a CD or
  • 4-5 Paperback (PB) books or
  • 3-5 PB Bibles or
  • 5CDs or
  • 2 CDs & 3 PB books or
  • 3 CDs & 2 PB books
$20.01-$50.00 $7.50
$50.01 and up around 9-12%
* Special: Free H/S if order over $100
items in stock by Standard
service for USA readers only



Canada Air/Priority
3-5 business days
UP TO 1 LB $10.95
1 LB TO 2 LB $14.95

2 LB TO 4 LB  $19.95 (if the product is not too bulky)
Overseas Air/Priority
5 -8 business days
UP TO 1 LB $16.95
1 LB TO 2 LB $22.95

2 LB TO 4 LB  $24.95 (if the product is not too bulky)

The Canadian rate is around 1 USD=1.1 CND, please inquire for current rate.


You can fax your Visa or Mastercard number to 1-888-748-4624 or 1-503-466-9400. Please include your phone number in case we need to verify with you some question we may have. We prefer you send a check to avoid card company's fees so we can continue to provide quality goods at reasonable prices to you. Please send to:

Asian Book One
13202 NW Hartford St.
Portland, OR 97229

Please let us know by email ( if you send a check.