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2006宇宙光聖誕特刊--圖畫詩歌聖誕節 Cosmic Light Christmas Gift P

2006宇宙光聖誕特刊--圖畫詩歌聖誕節 Cosmic Light Christmas Gift P
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Manufacturer 宇宙光 Cosmic Light
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天堂的畫冊 ─ 頌頌,是個早熟、聰穎,喜歡畫畫的孩子。12歲時証實罹患腦癌,生命危在旦夕。雖然身患重病,但頌頌從不抱怨,不沮喪,更不時表現出驚人的平安和智慧,反過來安慰了釵h身邊的人。

我把我的洋娃娃送給中國人 ─ Doris Brougham彭蒙惠:宣教士、台灣「空中英語教師」、「天韻詩班」創辦人。她是美國人,二十一歲到中國,獨自居住在台灣,教英文、成立天韻樂團、辦雜誌、做廣播,分享基督信仰,服務中國人,一住就是五十年。直到如今,仍未放棄,因為愛是她一生的堅持。

Among all of its Christmas gift packs, the 2006 Cosmic Light Christmas Gift Pack has the highest quality ever. It includes a hardcover book, a CD of Bible stories, and 2 VCDs of true stories in Mandarin and Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles.

Gift Book The beautifully printed hardcover gift book is meaningful and worth owning. It contains many true stories on how people encountered God through hymns.

"Sister Candy's Story Hours" CD This famous storyteller will tell the story of "The Birth of Jesus." Young children will especially enjoy it as a bedtime or car travel story.

"The Paintings of Heaven" VCD - "Song Song", a mature and gifted child, was diagnosed with brain cancer at the age of twelve. He has never complained or been depressed but, on the contrary, he has revealed amazing peace and wisdom and he has comforted many people around him.

"I'll give my dolls to Chinese" VCD - The true story of Dr. Doris Brougham, missionary to Taiwan. She is the founder of the "Heavenly Melody Choir" and "English Classroom" TV and Radio Programs. She came to Taiwan from the USA more than fifty years ago, when she was only 21. She shares gospel with the people of Taiwan by teaching English, organizing choirs, editing magazines, and broadcasting with no regrets.

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