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The Ministry of God's Word

The Ministry of God's Word
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The most important work of God on earth is the speaking out of His Word through man. In the Old Testament God's Word was released through the ministry of the prophets, and in the New Testament it was released through the ministry of the Lord Jesus and later through the apostles.

Even though God is pleased to allow us to speak His Word, the greatest measure of our usefulness as a minister of the Word is not the amount of our Bible knowledge or even the ability to eloquently present the truth; rather, it is the degree to which our feelings, thoughts, opinions, and characteristics have been thoroughly dealt with by the Lord. To be a minister of God's Word, we first must allow the Lord to mold and shape our inward parts through the inward operation and discipline of the Holy Spirit. The Ministry of God's Word contains a series of messages given by Watchman Nee in 1948 and 1949 after nearly thirty years of ministry. These messages are deep, profound, subjective, and full of light, revealing both the depth of his experience and extent of our need to open to Holy Spirit's inward operation.

by Watchman Nee

ISBN: 978-0-7363-0629-4
Pages: 338

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