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The Salvation of the Soul

The Salvation of the Soul
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The subject before the readers of these pages is one which is commonly overlooked by God’s people. Yet we are definitely told by the Lord this word: “A salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. . . Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls” (1 Peter 1.5,9). As the end draws nearer and nearer, it is incumbent upon Christians to know what the salvation of the soul is. In Part I of this latest volume of the author’s to appear, Watchman Nee presents to us the meaning, the means, and the manifestation of the soul’s salvation: the meaning is self-denial, the means is the cross, and the manifestation is the kingdom. And in Part II he approaches the same subject still further but from a different perspective by showing the sphere of the believer’s salvation, the secret of a victorious life, and the faith by which such life is lived. This book is offered as a companion volume to another work of Mr. Nee’s, The Latent Power of the Soul,* and serves as an answer to the problem discussed in that work of the inordinate power hidden deep within man’s soul. Because this latest volume reveals to us God’s positive way with our soul, it is hoped that the reader may gain from its pages a greater appreciation for the dimensions of God’s salvation so graciously given to man.
by Watchman Nee
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