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游子吟(增訂版,袖珍本簡字) The Song of A Wanderer -- Beckoned

游子吟(增訂版,袖珍本簡字) The Song of A Wanderer -- Beckoned
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Model S01016
Manufacturer 里程 Li Cheng
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此書為大陸學人解答了很多信仰的問題, 是目前最暢銷的書。簡體版已印發75萬冊。作者里程曾長期崇尚無神論和個人奮鬥, 后為神的愛所感召, 終于決志接受耶穌作他個人的救主。

本書作者里程,畢業於北京大學生物系。一九七八年入中國科學院研究生院學習,一九八一年獲碩士學位。一九八二赴美,一九八七年獲密西根州立大學博士學位。先後在俄亥俄大學(Ohio University)和西方儲備大學(Case Western Reserve University)工作。一九九三年後,在威斯康星醫學院從事醫學基礎研究工作。


A very poplular Chinese book of Christian apologetics. 750,000 copies in Simplified Chinese have been printed! The author, Li Cheng, is from Beijing. He became a Christian after coming to the United States. He understands deeply how most Mainland Chinese scholars think and wrote this book to help answer the questions of those scholars who are searching for the truth. He uses in- depth discussion and comparison, providing a wealth of evidence. His writing is fluent, presenting very sound thinking with a balanced approach. Each chapter in this book is a unique message which he delivered with excellent response all over America. It has been very helpful in breaking the bondage of unbelief for those with atheistic backgrounds.

The author is a graduate of Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He earned his Ph.D. in the United States. He has excellent credentials as a medical researcher. Before trusting in Christ he studied the evidence thoroughly and after some struggle became convinced that the Bible and Christian message are true. He is humble and earnest in his presentations. Many have come to Christ through them.

Translation table of contents of this Chinese book:Chapter I The Existence of God

Chapter I The Existence of God
Chapter II Bible - Inspired By God
Chapter III Who is the Real God?
Chapter IV The Evidence of the Resurrection
Chapter V Modern Science and Christianity
Chapter VI Creation and Evolution
Chapter VII Enter into Eternal Life
Appendix: A Long Journey (Testimony of the Author)

Size: 5.25"x3.75" 411 pages.

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